Concord develops e-commerce solutions for your needs

The advancements in digital technology have brought forth so many benefits and advantages to mankind. In business, it has completely revolutionized how stores and customers interact with each other. There are multiple platforms where goods can be bought and sold. This occurs through a variety of channels, and what makes all of this possible is the advent of e-commerce. E-commerce is simply the process of buying and selling goods online.

The transactions may either be between two businesses (B2B) or between a business and its customers (B2C). There is also Customer to Customer (C2C) and other e-commerce platforms besides these. 

At Concord, our technology is flexible, agile, and intuitive so that we can furnish you with an e-commerce platform that is worthy of taking your goods and services to your customers. Our e-commerce solutions turn your dreams into a reality. 

Advantages of running an e-commerce store and how it helps evolve your retail business: 

  • Instant availability of goods and services – E-commerce sites are available 24×7. This means your customers can browse through your range of goods and services, and make a purchase at any time. This boosts the number of sales you can achieve. Physical outlets of businesses tend to function only for a fixed number of hours and may even remain entirely closed on certain days of the week, not to mention holidays and festivals around the year
  • Rapid access for customers – E-commerce platforms allow your customers to add whatever items they wish to purchase to their digital carts, and quickly check out with different forms of payment. Unlike an in-person shopping experience, they do not have to wait in long queues and also rummage through their items to get them billed. Billing is done in such an efficient way that the customers are left starstruck by your e-commerce services. 

Rather than hunt for items through different aisles in a store, customers can directly search for different items under various categories to add to their shopping carts. This shopping experience ensures that you net higher sales as customers save time and energy in shopping through your platform.

Wide reach – Physical stores tend to have a very obvious limitation in that customers must arrive at the store to make a purchase. With an e-commerce solution structured according to your retail needs, you can vastly improve sales by having a store that any potential customer across the country, or even the globe, can use! 

Why Concord – 

At Concord, we develop retail e-commerce software specifically for online retail businesses with the power to work with any storefront. We achieve this with a range of e-commerce solutions so that we can develop the best e-commerce platform in the market specifically for your business needs.

 Our goal is to help retailers and businesses who are selling online to develop the platform through which their customers’ shop. With Concord’s platform, you can sell your range of products and services on the web, which can be accessed through mobiles, computers, and other devices. It also allows for your goods and services to be purchased across marketplaces, social channels, IoT devices, and more. 

As digital becomes the norm in our world today, it is increasingly important to drive and manage consistent product information and descriptions and thereby deliver seamless shopping experiences to your customer base. Concord’s Product Information Management system is a direct platform for eCommerce businesses to set up, manage and drive all back-end operations from one place. Starting from configuring new store management panels, adding delivery rules, uploading product information, offering promotions, free trials, or handing customer orders effectively – we have it and do it all. 

Our very own Concord Business Center is a responsive, intuitive, unified interface that helps e-commerce platforms easily manage various facets of the business with greater control and efficiency. Through our platform, you can rapidly as well as intuitively manage your inventory levels, product catalogs, shipping information, geo-specific promotions, and more.

Our platform enables you to manage product information and descriptions across numerous categories. This allows you to share the most up-to-date information pertaining to any of your products across multiple departments and channels. You will also be able to categorize products under specific headings so that they are readily accessible for reference. 

At Concord, our innovative e-commerce solutions leave no stone unturned. Elevate the level of your business with our platform that can be customized to your needs.