Future-proof your Digital Commerce with MACH-X architecture

Future-proof your Digital Commerce with MACH-X architecture

The world is changing at breakneck speed. New business models evolve with new consumer touchpoints every day. In today’s demanding world, digital commerce leaders need to rapidly launch capabilities that can be supported with geo-specific customizations quickly. Monolithic systems can’t support the rapidly changing business needs and are becoming a relic of the past as they aren’t designed for new touchpoints such as mobile apps, voice, IoT, phygital retail, AR.VR and chatbots. This is the reason why MACH commerce solutions are the future as they can scale up with the market dynamics.   

What is MACH-X?

MachX architecture

MACH is an industry-recognized term that stands for Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless. MACH commerce solutions help businesses to modernize their tech stacks and adapt quickly to market dynamics.


Unlike a monolith that contains a collection of tightly coupled capabilities within a common code base, all needing to be implemented together, microservices are loosely coupled, independently deployable, and scalable applications (designed around a single function or business capabilities such as catalog, payments, pricing, cart and checkout, or address verification).

Microservices are a cloud-native architectural approach and enable rapid development of microservices while reducing technical debt by allowing for upgrades/replacement of specific microservices as needed.


In a reversal of the traditional approach to application design—building backend code first and slapping an API on top of it—APIs are the core around which services are built.

The API-first approach accelerates the development process and enables the addition of newer capabilities and new channels of engagement as they become market-ready.


Deploying an application in the cloud provides the elasticity to scale up or down with demand and protect uptime, especially during peak traffic like during flash sales.

Cloud-native microservices scale independently keeping costs in line and can be deployed in any public cloud, like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, or on your cloud in a custom deployment.


Headless means an application ship without a front end, enabling it to extend to any front end or touchpoint, including ones without a user interface.

Headless commerce, for example, can support PWAs and SPAs, run on the cloud, and bring digital capabilities into physical retail, and connect to chatbots and voice assistants.

Going beyond MACH

MACH-ready commerce vendors provide the benefits of flexibility, scalability, and technical agility through the API layer. This works if the solution is used as is and as delivered by the vendor. However, enterprises want greater flexibility and the ability to solve for X, the unknown variable during the always-on digital evolution.

eCommerce Platform

The Concord Platform

Concord is a modern Cloud-based eCommerce platform that drives innovation across the commerce value chain. Businesses leveraging Concord can drive improved digital journeys for their customers while continuing to rapidly innovate their products and services. Deliver futuristic, scalable experiences across any channel – on the cloud.

Our technology innovators come with immense experience in the eCommerce space. Concord is a product of Jarvis, an established brand that delivers the best Commerce solutions on the world’s leading Commerce and CRM platforms.

It’s all about driving connected commerce

Concord is a headless eCommerce platform that offers a full range of flexibility for businesses of any scale to rapidly add new customer access channels. Whatever your core system, Concord integrates seamlessly to build a middle layer that then connects with any customer engagement layer you wish to add.

Our Platform allows you to independently deploy features and services without having to undo and redo everything that your ‘software’ previously allowed you to do. Concord is a cloud-based eCommerce platform that gives you the limitless ability to deploy anything rapidly across the customer purchasing and product management lifecycles.

Concord enables Digital-First Consumer Experiences


The most frequently visited touchpoint for shoppers is the webshop or web-based eCommerce storefront. Concord’s cloud-based business model allows businesses to set up webshops and manage the entire shopper and product lifecycle seamlessly, irrespective of what front-end interface you use.

Social Commerce

Modern digital-first shoppers can buy from just about anywhere. Social channels have proven to be among the top-ranked areas where buyers engage with brands. Why not put your businesses in the eyes of prospective buyers on leading social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

Mobile Commerce

Go further with your business and deliver expansive, engaging and relevant content as shoppers browse through your products and offerings from any connected, hand-held device.

Business Center

Concord allows you to configure your site, manage products, product types, categories and catalogs while streamlining orders and returns. It has features that allow you to manage Customers along with promotions and regional shipping rules. It includes seamlessly integrated custom reports, bulk import/export capabilities and comprehensive tax categories. It helps manage inventory from different channels and integrates with any 3rd party system too.

Scale your business with the right eCommerce platform. One that empowers you to reach customers via modern touchpoints while giving you the agility to deliver your products and services effortlessly.

A MACH eCommerce platform enables Commerce businesses to increase their selling opportunities by acting like a layer that is a combination of dynamic APIs and microservices to bridge the front-end (storefronts) accessed by the consumer with the back-end (databases, product information, inventory and orders).

Concord is a responsive, intuitive, unified interface that helps commerce businesses easily manage various facets of the business with ease. Scale with agility and drive supreme control over how you maintain inventories, product catalogs, shipping information, geo-specific promotions and more.

Innovation for tomorrow

When it comes to eCommerce, innovation never ceases. That is the very reason Concord is crafted – to help B2C retailers and businesses who are selling online be agile and available where their customers shop. Concord enables eCommerce businesses to shatter the boundaries of traditional ERP systems and deliver products and services across digital touchpoints. 

With Concord, you can sell your products and services on the web, mobile, marketplaces, social channels, IoT devices, and more. 

The Concord Edge

Whatever your business, accelerate your digital commerce

The Concord Edge

Enhance customer experiences

Where shoppers make purchases is important. If you do not capture customers at the channels they frequent, the opportunity is simply lost to a competitor who does.

With Concord, merchants can innovate over a varied choice of customer interaction touchpoints – starting from social media, to storefront kiosks, wearables, touch-screen mirrors and more. Stay upbeat and at the forefront of rapidly evolving customer channels. Get device-agnostic product discovery and checkout 

Simplify decision-making

Navigate the ever-evolving facets of the purchase cycle with contemporary omnichannel solutions. 

Concord’s nimble, intuitive commerce platform and product information management system offers businesses the ability to stay on top of market trends, display the best products, reviews and more – across all digital channels.

Easily integrate all your core systems

Manage suppliers, inventory, pricing and bring enterprise data onto one common platform that reflects across key stakeholders and departments. 

Offer end-to-end omnichannel support that works exceptionally well with whatever front-end you want to pick.

Offer a consistent shopper experience

Respond to rapidly escalating customer expectations. Whether you’re looking for location-based marketing or IoT-enabled commerce, we’ve got you covered.

Concord enables digitizing end-user journeys and behaviors to help businesses cross-sell and up-sell over their existing customer base. Build exciting, interactive interfaces without worrying about the core product or service offering.

Innovate with Concord

Consumers are expecting more from what they buy for their homes and entertainment. And digital has been a huge enabler. From toys, appliances, home goods and electronics – digital forms a catalyst to enhancing user experience. 

Concord enables digitizing end-user journeys and behaviors using purchase history and providing relevant purchase options – to help businesses cross-sell and up-sell over their existing customer base. Further, brands can build exciting, interactive interfaces without worrying about the core product or service offering.

It’s time to embrace new paradigms of doing business. Move away from traditional, legacy eCommerce systems and get started with MACH-X today. To learn more about Concord, talk to us.

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