Guiding principles of building a successful digital commerce platform

B2B marketers are experiencing a surge in digital commerce prospects as the Digital commerce platform grows. A hospital may be IoT device predictive maintenance or managing a customer’s end-to-end experience via a banking product using tiered subscription-based plans such as pay-per-use cloud models.

A sales growth advantage over non-digital firms can be achieved using numerous go-to-market digital commerce strategies. Well-planned implementation is critical to this project’s success.

Many of these projects fail or are dropped from the priority list before they reach their intended audience, but the Digital commerce platform is here to stay.

What is a Digital Commerce Platform?

Brands had to rely on a restricted number of options for their e-commerce needs just a decade ago. Many people were unfamiliar with terms like “Internet of Things,” “Artificial Intelligence,” and “Data-Driven Insights.” When comparing online and Digital marketplace, in-store purchases took the lead. In what seemed like a matter of seconds, the scene wholly altered. There was a tremendous amount of activity on the Internet. The paradigm shift from an Ecommerce platform to a Digital marketplace was brought about by data driving innovative firms to develop great consumer experiences. Customers can acquire goods and services via an interactive self-service and seamless experience at all touchpoints during their buying journey thanks to the Digital marketplace Ecommerce platform, which is a highly interconnected process.

Who should be concerned about digital transformation?

 ecommerce digital transformation

New or modified business processes, culture, and customer experiences are created using digital technology to satisfy the needs of a rapidly changing business and market environment. Digital transformation is a new way of thinking about business in the digital age.

As outlined by Salesforce, the following are three key reasons why digital transformation is vital. It is possible to save costs, raise employee morale, and enhance customer happiness simultaneously by integrating digital technologies into the heart of a company’s essential operations.

When it comes to digital transformation, you should pay attention to it, especially if you’re a business owner, for example.

  • A business executive who wants to ensure the long-term viability and growth of their company
  • Managing a team to increase their performance and happiness
  • In search of more significant results and improved relations with trade partners as an individual contributor
  • Creative problem solver who is looking for new methods to solve old problems with new technology
  • Successful digital transformation requires three guiding concepts.

It’s hardly surprising that digitizing fundamental business procedures and rethinking your organization’s operations is challenging.  Moreover, the surveyed organizations intended to speed up their digital transformations but couldn’t show any outcomes.

Prioritizing and implementing the technologies that deliver the most value is essential to success, not only in your daily work but also in the long-term positioning of your company’s strategic stance.

Simplifying complex procedures, giving non-IT people more authority, and making data usable are three guiding concepts that help you choose the correct areas to work on. As you embark on your digital transformation journey and use digital tools like Mobile ecommerce, Digital marketplace across your business, these can serve as your organization’s foundational values and goals.

Here are a few basic guidelines for building successful digital commerce platforms.

digital commerce platforms

Don’t simply design your website, but the entire digital environment.

Regarding your digital journey, a new Mobile ecommerce platform can be crucial. You must build a platform architecture vision that will help you now and in the future if you want to achieve your goals across all channels and your whole digital estate.

It’s essential to consider how you’ll convey your messages to the appropriate audiences at the correct times.

The competition for your audience’s attention is fierce; therefore, your website must design a clear, distinct value proposition that sets it apart. It’s all about sharing stories, but to have a clearer view of what resonates most, we work with companies to develop a research-based picture of what works. We begin testing our assumptions as soon as possible, and our learning doesn’t stop when a new site goes live – it starts there.

Build, buy, expand, and blend technology solutions to build strong foundations.

We believe in using the best tools for the task and know exactly what that means in each critical market. Although UX and software teams like the opportunity to design and develop, they know that the finest digital estates incorporate custom work, open standards, prepackaged software solutions, and a common set of infrastructures and Ecommerce platforms. Working together, we help our clients choose the optimum places to start building, buying, extending, or combining solutions, both now and in the near future.

Create an experience that is practical, useable, pleasant, and accessible at the same time

digital customer experienceThe first time a user visits your site, their experience will determine whether or not they become a long-term customer. To keep your customers coming back, you need to offer them compelling mobile-first digital Social shopping experiences that are easy to use and follow the best standards of UX design.

Know that you’ll never be finished — develop, test, learn, and repeat. Iterate.

Your vision will be shaped by the level of user involvement you achieve. The ultimate goal is to engage present and future audiences in a ‘create, test, learn’ iterative ideation and development process.

Find motivation both within and outside of your field.

Naturally, it’s critical to know how your competitors advance their digital capabilities in Digital commerce platforms. Concord Commerce are continually keeping an eye out for new developments in clients’ industries so that they can remain competitive and inventive.

However, if you cast a wide enough net, you’ll find plenty of new ideas in other fields. Banks can use Data and AI; manufacturing uses robots; utilities can utilize IoT, and luxury fashion firms can employ luxury Ecommerce platforms. Having a wide range of expertise in concord commerce can help position the clients as digital pioneers.

Aim to collect data to help you move on to the next stage of your journey by making everything measurable.

The use of data generates intelligible digital experiences and economic value. Establish meaningful KPIs, think about the data you’ll need to track, and then act on it. An Ecommerce platform can assist you in determining where data goals are measured and when data is the goal by guiding the best data platforms. Your users and stakeholders will be able to form meaningful relationships.

A simple and concise call to action.

With this in mind, CTAs are essential in boosting your website’s conversion rate and increasing your revenue. It doesn’t matter how bold and clear your CTA is if the language is poor and won’t work. Ensure that your visitors find what they are looking for and that your call-to-action buttons are tailored to the queries they are most likely to ask. For the most effective CTAs, ensure the words you use to focus on action-oriented verbs. “Join Now,” “Get Instant Access,” and “Claim Your Discount” are just a few instances of trigger words that will encourage your visitors to click on them.

Even if your message is intriguing, a small call-to-action button that blends in with the rest of your site’s design will hurt your conversion rates. Contrasting colors are essential in increasing the click-through rates of your CTAs. The call to action button should be evident to the Mobile ecommerce users and thus use a bright color like red, blue, or some other emphasized effect.


When it comes to online Social shopping, thousands and thousands of options are available. However, just as one wants to purchase at specific stores while out and about, so does one prefer to shop online. No matter how well-planned your marketing strategy is, if your Ecommerce platform storefront does not have an eye-catching design, you will not be able to attract customers.

As a result, you can’t ignore the significance of having a visually appealing design for your eCommerce site. The method of your online store for Social shopping is just as important as the selection of products, ease of checkout, and inclusion of adequate search tools. Look at this to get a sense of what the user is like.