How Small eCommerce Businesses Can Enable Hybrid Technology & Save Costs

During COVID-19, Australia was facing a massive job crisis. Services Australia, a government-run welfare agency, saw a considerable spike in welfare applications. This eventually led to a complete breakdown of their system. In their search for a feasible solution, Services Australia came across the concept of composable commerce. Though this application was niche then, it quickly became a silver lining. By integrating MACH architecture, Services Australia could build a resilient, flexible and scalable composable commerce platform that became a safety net for the citizens. With the deployment of voiceprint technology and digital assistants, the agency could cater to 1.2 million users and orchestrate quick responses. This goes to show how scaling an outdated platform with MACH can make a positive difference in many lives. The rise of composable commerce also marks a radical shift in the way digital and eCommerce platforms are functioning today. 

The Need for Composable Commerce

Mr. Giles Smith, the advisory member of the MACH Alliance, says “Choosing a composable architecture over a monolithic approach does mean dealing with more platforms, but leveraging the benefits of MACH design alleviates many of the headaches of traditional software.” Coined by Gartner in 2021, composable commerce incorporates best-of-breed features to form a composite application that meets specific business needs. It helps you to gain control over your business by improving the performance and functionality of your applications. Composable commerce embodies the components of MACH architecture. The principal idea behind this modern application is to help small businesses become flexible and adaptable to technical and behavioral changes. 

How MACH Architecture Reinvents Tech Stack

Do you know what’s the worst thing that can happen to your eCommerce business? It’s stagnation. In a world where customer expectations are changing in the blink of an eye, your enterprise cannot be a cog in the wheel. To become customer-centric and dynamic, you need to stop relying on legacy systems. In fact, a study by Infosys highlighted that legacy systems pose a big hindrance to digital transformation and growth. Using outdated technologies often becomes difficult to sustain and fails to integrate modern features. It’s high time you shifted from legacy systems and upgraded your technology stack with MACH architecture. eCommerce platforms for small businesses can benefit from the unmatched benefits of MACH architecture and composable commerce.

Enabling Rapid Developments

To survive in a dynamic business environment, you need to master adaptability as an organizational trait. The faster you cater to the evolving business needs, the better your competitive advantage gets. MACH architecture helps you to meet the changing demands with efficiency and agility. You can easily leverage new opportunities – by adding a product catalogue, introducing a new service or enabling new touchpoints as microservices, independently. This leads to faster upgrades and integration of new features. Uptime will improve as you can change or replace a feature or fix bugs without affecting the entire system.  

Reducing Operational Costs

Most legacy systems require core-based licensing that costs an arm and a leg for the business. That’s not the case with MACH. The licensing for MACH is based on usage-based pricing where you only have to pay money for the services you use. Since MACH can rapidly deploy new features and capabilities due to the system’s stability, IT members can work with other parts of the product simultaneously. This way, you can increase team productivity and speed up your software delivery. Additionally, the benefit of shorter time-to-market helps you reduce the operating costs of your IT infrastructure.  

Cost reduction with MACH architecture

Scaling with Agility

Customers are interacting across multiple touchpoints. This is why businesses have to upgrade their commerce platform to cross-sell across various channels. With MACH architecture, eCommerce platforms can personalize front-end experiences while decoupling the backend. What’s more, enterprises can connect to other channels like smart mirrors, AR, sensors, Google Home and Amazon Echo. 

Future-proofing your Business

Be it expanding into a country, switching to a vendor or adopting new technologies, MACH can scale a business without any limitations. It makes eCommerce platforms for small businesses frictionless, flexible and responsive to meet the changing business demands at a fast pace. You can prioritize innovation in customer experiences and update the tech stack while the vendors take care of upgrading or improving the functionalities 

Making your business futuristic

How to Get Started with MACH Architecture ?

Migrating to MACH architecture is almost like moving to a new home. It may seem challenging at first but with the right planning, you can smooth it out. Instead of re-platforming everything at once, apply the crawl-walk-run approach to introduce one MACH platform at a time. For instance, you can start with changing the front end. The online storefront is the first point of interaction for the consumers. For this reason, developing the front end is important as it: 

  a) Enhances customer experience as you can offer more personalized content to the users 

   b) Optimizes your front end and improves page speed and conversion rates 

Proceeding further, select the best-in-breed technologies and guide your team with the importance and relevance of the composable approach. Overhauling the entire system is a step-by-step process. Remember that transforming your business is not about upgrading or introducing new technology. It is also about transforming people and processes.  

Transform your eCommerce Platform with Concord Commerce

The eCommerce industry is interspersed with emerging trends and disruptions. As your business matures, you need to go the MACH way to outpace these changes and propel yourself to growth. Launch new capabilities and introduce customizations to innovate your tech stack and improve visibility, agility and flexibility. Transform the eCommerce Platform for your small business with Concord Commerce.  

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