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Import Categories


What is a Category?

  • Category is the organization of products into an easy-to-navigate shopping experience for customers.

Where to assign Category in site?

  • After creating the category, navigate to Catalogue in Menu. There we can see the Site with edit icon.
    Click on Edit.
  • There we can find the category section with category field/dropdown, we can see the created categories there and we can assign categories to site.
  • Then Click on Save.

Upload Import Categories

  • Click on Categories Imports under Imports sub module in Administration module.

  • Click on Upload Categories.

  • Select CSV file from local and click on Submit.

  • After click on submit button, categories file uploaded and displayed in Categories Imports list page.

Download Categories Imports

  • Click on download icon, to download CSV file with uploaded categories list.

Download Errors Log

  • Click on download icon under action, to download CSV file with errors logs.


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