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Fastrack eCommerce

Scale your business with the right eCommerce platform. One that empowers you to reach customers via modern touch points while giving you the agility to deliver your products and services effortlessly.



Driving Connected eCommerce

The Concord Feature Showcase

API-rich Architecture that Enables Modern Multi-channel Storefronts

We don’t normally like to talk technology, but our platform is just so agile, we almost couldn’t resist. Concord is a headless eCommerce platform that offers a full range of flexibility for businesses of any scale to rapidly add new customer access channels. Whatever your core system, Concord integrates seamlessly to build a middle-layer that then connects with any – yes, any – customer engagement layer you wish to add.

The Unlimited Privilege to Scale

Let’s face it. No one likes to reinvent the wheel. And, that’s exactly why Concord allows you to independently deploy features and services without having to undo and redo everything that your ‘software’ previously allowed you to do. Concord is a cloud-based eCommerce platform that gives you the limitless ability to deploy anything rapidly across the customer purchasing and product management lifecycles.