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The future-ready digital commerce platform

Combine API-First, Cloud-native Microservices with the Headless paradigm for unmatched flexibility, agility and speed

Extensibility in Concord

Data Model Extensibility

Product / Product Types Custom Types Custom Objects

Behavior Extensibility

Custom state machines Subscriptions API extensions

Business Tools Extension

Business Center Custom

Business Center Custom Application Win at Digital commerce by rapidly launching capabilities and supporting customizations. Get started with a future-ready platform that turbo charges your commerce with plug-and-play agility and flexibility. Legacy eCommerce systems can’t support new touchpoints such as Mobile Apps, Voice, IoT, Phydigital Retail, AR/VR and chatbots

What’s MACH-X?

MACH-X stands for Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless and Extensibility


Start with an architecture that decentralizes your eCommerce, empowering distributed teams to accelerate business results Get Microservices with well-defined APIs that are designed around a single function or business capabilities such as catalog, payments, pricing, cart and checkout, or address verification.

API First

Plug & Play with business critical features you need through API integrations that are seamless, secure and flexible Rather than build backend code first and slap an API on top of it, APIs are the core around which services are built. The API-first approach accelerates the development process and enables the addition of newer capabilities.


Embrace the power of the cloud and its unmatched cost-effectiveness, agility and reliability to get robust eCommerce systems. Deploy on the cloud to get the elasticity to scale up or down with demand. Protect uptime, especially during peak traffic like during the Black Friday weekend or during flash sales.


Decouple the frontend and backend of your eCommerce application to build whatever and however, you want.
Enable your businesses to increase selling opportunities by acting like a dynamic layer between APIs and microservices that bridges the frontend – storefronts- with the backend – databases seamlessly.

Shatter the boundaries of traditional eCommerce systems and deliver across digital touchpoints

Crafted to be Enterprise Grade

Delivered over the Cloud

Built over a Microservices Framework

Supports Transactions
at Scale

Drives Omnichannel Experience

Scale your business with the right platform, Fastrack digital commerce

Innovate on top of an open-source technology stack, add capabilities using plug and play components with unmatched visibility, agility and adaptability.

Open Stack

Power your platform with open source cloud computing infrastructure that uses virtual resources to build and manage your architecture

Plugin Microservices

Leverage an architecture that prioritizes agility and speed to accelerate service deployments across your eCommerce platform

End-to-end Visibility

Get detailed insight into the health of your systems and services, strategize tech/resource optimizations to support critical business goals

Agile & Adaptable

Embrace the future of rapid applications development that adapts to your business needs without affecting the speed and pre-existing systems

Sell across touchpoints, enable enhanced digital-first consumer experiences


Set up webshops and manage the entire shopper and product lifecycle seamlessly, irrespective of what front-end interface you use.

Social Commerce

Put your businesses in the eyes of prospective buyers on leading social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

Mobile Commerce

Go further with your business and deliver expansive, engaging and relevant content as shoppers browse through your products and offerings from any device.

Point of Sale System

Give shoppers the mobility to shop anywhere, anytime. Connect your online and offline commerce seamlessly by creating interactive customer journeys that span touchpoints using the Concord PoS.

Accelerate digital commerce with a flexible omnichannel platform that adapts to your business

Enhance customer experiences

Where shoppers make purchases is important. If you don’t capture customers at the channels they frequent, the opportunity is simply lost to a competitor who does.

With Concord, merchants can innovate over a varied choice of customer interaction touchpoints – starting from social media, to storefront kiosks, wearables, touch-screen mirrors and more. Stay upbeat and at the forefront of rapidly evolving customer channels. Get device-agnostic product discovery and checkout

Easily integrate all your core systems

Manage suppliers, inventory, pricing and bring enterprise data onto one common platform that reflects across key stakeholders and departments.
Offer end-to-end omnichannel support that works exceptionally well with whatever front-end you want to pick.

Offer a consistent shopper experience

Respond to rapidly escalating customer expectations. Whether you’re looking for location-based marketing or loT-enabled commerce, we’ve got you covered.

Concord enables digitizing end-user journeys and behaviors to help businesses cross-sell and up-sell over their existing customer base. Build exciting, interactive interfaces without worrying about the core product or service offering.

Simplify decision-making

Navigate the ever-evolving facets of the purchase cycle with contemporary omnichannel solutions.
Concord’s nimble, intuitive commerce platform and product information management system offers businesses the ability to stay on top of market trends, display the best products, reviews and more – across all digital channels.

Sell across touchpoints, enable enhanced digital-first consumer experiences


Make Touchpoints Trendy


Seamless Digital – Check-in, Check-out


Commerce as Dynamic as You


Reshaping Consumer Electronics

Food & Grocery

Craft Appetizing Customer Experiences


Accelerate Innovation

Home & Entertainment

Change the Way You Deliver