The Importance of Creating a B2B E-commerce Platform for your Business Needs

Out of all the different modes of e-commerce that are present, the potential of the B2B (Business-to-Business) model is the highest. The global market for B2B e-commerce is valued at trillions of dollars. Simply put, B2B eCommerce, is eCommerce between two or more businesses. This sets it apart from the B2C model where businesses cater to the needs of private customers.

B2B e-commerce platforms can completely revolutionize the way that companies do business with each other.

Here are the key benefits of a B2B e-commerce platform:

  • Become a player in a vast and expansive market – The size of the B2B market is twice the size of the market for B2C. Buyers seem to prefer making purchases online, as opposed to in the past where they would have to deal with a sales representative. This is a huge opportunity for businesses to get a hold of, as they stand to increase their sales exponentially. 

  • Reach more potential buyers and customers – The shopping patterns of buyers are making a shift in the world today. They generally prefer to have a chance of researching what they wish to purchase before arriving at a firm decision. B2B eCommerce solutions are an incredibly effective way to reach new buyers, strengthening your online presence and, as a result, helping potential new clients find you via search engines.

  • Expand your customer base – By developing a B2B e-commerce platform, your sales processes are no longer restricted to having a sales force present at any given moment. Your channels will be available around the clock, all week, as well as throughout the year so that you can cater to customers across a variety of regions. People from all across the nation and even the globe will be able to visit your site to peruse your range of products. 

  • Improved efficiency of business – Since you are saving time and energy on behalf of your customers by essentially having a store that goes wherever they go, they can make more purchases in a shorter span of time as they know they do not have to undertake the effort of visiting a physical store. You can also deliver your products through a synchronized system that takes all channels into account, while automating basic processes to save you time, labour, and ultimately money. 

 The importance of partnering with a B2B e-commerce developer: 

There are numerous opportunities that developing an e-commerce platform for your business provides. At Concord, we develop B2B e-commerce software solutions with the power to optimize any storefront. We achieve this with a range of B2B e-commerce solutions so that we can devise the best e-commerce platform in the market specifically for your business needs.

 Our goal is to help retailers and businesses who are selling online to develop the platform through which their customers’ shop. With our platform, you can sell your range of products and services on the web, which can be accessed through mobiles, computers, and other devices. It also allows for your goods and services to be purchased across marketplaces, social channels, IoT devices, and more. 

Here are a few features that come along with our services – 

An Online Presence through Webshop – 

The most frequently visited point of contact for shoppers is the webshop or web-based eCommerce digital outlet. Concord’s cloud-based business model allows businesses to set up webshops that manage the entire shopper and product lifecycle seamlessly, irrespective of what front-end interface you use. This is very important when developing an intuitive B2B e-commerce platform for your transactions. 

Mobile Commerce –

Take responsiveness to the next level. Go further with your B2B e-commerce platform and deliver expansive, engaging and relevant content as shoppers browse through your products and offerings from any connected, hand-held device. 

Digital Marketspace – 

Concord’s scalable cloud platform allows B2B e-commerce platforms to invite vendors and build interactive marketplaces that can house hundreds of products. This is vital when it comes to providing B2B e-commerce solutions as it can boost business for clients to a high level. 

At Concord, our commitment to providing you one of a kind B2B e-commerce software solutions is unparalleled in the market today. Our innovation and expertise in the field are sure to improve the reach of your business and adapt to the requirements of the modern market. The success of your online business is our concern, and our team of unique thinkers makes us worth your while.