What is Omnichannel Commerce? Definition, Benefits, and Trends

We hear about omnichannel commerce in so many places, but we rarely ask ourselves, “What is omnichannel commerce, really? What are its features? What does it even do?” This is precisely what we are here to get to the bottom of today. 

By definition, omnichannel commerce is an approach to sales that fully integrates multiple channels on different planes. This can be in the form of brick-and-mortar or physical stores, desktop sites, mobile applications, and so on. This allows developers to create a seamless, consistent and unified shopping experience supported at every touchpoint by intelligent data to meet customer preferences and needs.

It’s not only about giving your customers multiple ways to buy your products or services or using a plethora of different marketing channels. Instead, it’s a fully integrated approach across both offline and online platforms that binds and unifies all aspects of your, from promoting to fulfillment, marketing, and marketplaces.

There are certain differences between multi-channel platforms and Omnichannel commerce platforms. Let’s take a minute to understand them. 

When it comes to multichannel platforms, it simply refers to the presence of a brand on different platforms, such as desktop sites, mobile apps, physical retail outlets, etc. The problem is that instead of having a high degree of integration, customers have a more fragmented shopping experience. Here is where omnichannel commerce solutions make their mark.

An omnichannel e-commerce platform employs strategies that foresee that customers may start searching on one channel and move to another as a progression of their online purchasing journey. Omnichannel completes a multichannel strategy and optimizes it for modern online shoppers. 

Concord develops omnichannel e-commerce platforms to combine the various efforts of your business. You can simplify omnichannel for your business purposes to deploy any set of products and services across multiple consumer access points. Manage catalogs, products, and price points across a wide scope of regions to cater to any category of shoppers with relevance and confidence. This will enable you to engage and interact with customers in any way they want. 

Benefits of Omnichannel E-commerce Platforms: 

  • Convenient Shopping Experience for Customers – In a retail scenario where customers are often more likely to purchase products online than from a physical store, omnichannel commerce ensures they have access to multiple means to shop. This means that your business drives more sales due to the possibility of customers having multiple ways to buy from you. 
  • Improved Sales – Since a successful omnichannel commerce platform gives customers more opportunities to browse and buy, they are more likely to increase their overall spending. This improves sales further in your business because of a better presence and unified shopping experience provided to the customer. 
  • Goodwill and Customer Loyalty – Analyzing customer database information generates valuable insights into individual customers along with their buying behaviour and patterns. Using those insights, you can earn their loyalty by providing a more personalized shopping experience. 

As we have seen, there are numerous ways in which an omnichannel e-commerce presence can drive sales and boost brand awareness for the growth of your business. At Concord, we believe in developing your omnichannel e-commerce platform to the extent where there is total transcendence of the various modes through which you carry out your business. Our flexible technology is agile and intuitive so that we can furnish you with an e-commerce platform that is worthy of taking your goods and services to your customers in an unprecedented manner of smoothness and ease. 

When developing omnichannel commerce solutions for your business, it is absolutely vital that you team up with the right partners that possess the requisite industrial expertise and awareness. It is very important that your business is able to drive and manage consistent product information and descriptions and thereby deliver seamless shopping experiences to its customer base. 

Our platform’s API-rich architecture enables modern multi-channel storefronts to function as a structural pillar that supports your business’ omnichannel demands. Our headless eCommerce platform offers a full range of flexibility for businesses of any scale to rapidly add new customers across various access channels. Whatever your core system, Concord integrates seamlessly to build a middle layer that then connects with any customer engagement layer you wish to add. Our cloud-based eCommerce platform gives you the sky-high power to deploy anything quickly across the customer purchasing and product management lifecycles.