The Future of
eCommerce is Here

Seamless commerce is passé. It is time to embrace the opportunities that come with open architectures and headless commerce. Meet the all-inclusive platform that’s here to drive true eCommerce flexibility in record time. Welcome to Concord.

Launch New Digital Experiences in a Few Clicks

Concord is a new-age digital platform designed exclusively for Online Retail and eCommerce businesses to set up a robust back-end that works with any storefront. A modern microservices architecture and flexible APIs work with multiple core systems to deliver fascinating customer experiences – on any channel, anytime!

Build with Agility

Break free from monolithic deployments. Deliver services over a microservices framework. Engage with your customers the way they want.

Simplify Omnichannel

Deploy any set of products and services across multiple consumer touch-points. Manage catalogues, products, and price points across geos to cater to any shopper with relevance.

Innovate and Integrate

Build the perfect synchrony by integrating our headless commerce with your core ERP systems. Foster transparency and accelerate delivery across your value chain.

Is Your Business Ready to Go Headless?

The Concord Edge

Crafted to be Enterprise

Delivered over the

Built over a Microservices Framework

Supports Transactions at Scale

Drives Omnichannel Experiences

Concord Platform

When it comes to eCommerce, innovation never ceases. And, that is the very reason Concord is crafted – to help retailers and businesses who are selling online be agile and available where their customers’ shop.

Concord enables eCommerce businesses to shatter the boundaries of traditional ERP systems and deliver products and services across digital touchpoints.  With Concord, you can sell your products and services on the web, mobile, marketplaces, social channels, IoT devices, and more.

The time to go headless is now.

Business Center

As digital becomes the norm, it is increasingly important to drive and manage consistent product information and thereby deliver seamless shopping experiences. Concord’s Product Information Management system is a one-stop platform for eCommerce businesses to set up, manage and drive all back-end operations. Starting from configuring new store management panels, adding delivery rules, uploading product information, offering promotions, or handing customer orders effectively – we have it all!

The Business Center offers a rich, unified interface for eCommerce to easily manage and deliver over multiple selling channels.

One interface. Many Possibilities.

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