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Making Touchpoints Trendy

The modern consumer is both tech-savvy and a fashion lover. Catering to the needs of rapidly changing styles and bringing them to the forefront of where such shoppers make purchases is important. With Concord, fashion brands and retailers can innovate over a varied choice of customer interaction touchpoints – starting from social media, to store front kiosks, wearables, touch-screen mirrors and more.

Flexible APIs

Mobile POS

Social Check-out

Loyalty Management

Check-in to Check-out. Seamlessly Digital.

The dynamics of the retail segment have evolved with the emergence of new digital purchasing channels. If retailers do not capture their customers at the channels they frequent, the opportunity is simply lost to a competitor who does. Stay upbeat and at the forefront of multiple customer channels. Drive easy product discovery, order management and checkout options that are device agnostic. Enhance retail customer experiences


Reshaping Consumer Electronics

Probably the most frequented category among online shoppers, the consumer electronics market is definitely the most digitally receptive. With new products emerging in various configurations and buyers vying for them at all times – being agile and available when your customer needs the product, and offering the best price is of utmost importance.

Concord’s nimble, intuitive commerce platform and product information management system offers consumer electronics businesses the ability to stay on top of market trends, display the best products, reviews and more – across all digital channels.

Food & Grocery

Craft Appetizing Customer Experiences

Restaurants, retailers, grocery stores, food wholesalers and more are always looking for ways to offer consistent experiences to their customers. Concord fully integrates with whatever systems you’re running on – offering end-to-end omnichannel support that works exceptionally well with whatever storefront or front-end you want to pick. With Concord’s headless architecture, food and grocery businesses have the flexibility to expand into avenues that best suit their target markets.

Easily Manage Rapidly Changing Product Specifications
Change Price Points Based on Market Demands and Seasons
Built Beautiful Front-ends With No Dependency on Core Systems
Deliver Personalized, Contextual Customer Journeys


Accelerate Innovation for Automotives and Transportation

Modern transportation has been responding immensely well to digital innovation. The emergence of connected commerce has however escalated the expectations of customers in this segment. With Concord, automobile manufacturers and transportation businesses can easily adopt a scalable, cloud-based solution that renders all services offered across multiple platforms and IoT devices. So, whether you’re looking for GPS integration or In-car mobility services, we’ve got you covered.

Home and Entertainment

Change the Way You Deliver Entertainment

Consumers are expecting more from what they buy for their homes and entertainment. And digital has been a huge enabler. From toys, appliances, home goods and electronics – digital forms a catalyst to enhancing user experience. Concord enables digitizing end-user journeys and behaviours using purchase history and providing relevant purchase options – to help businesses cross-sell and up-sell over their existing customer base. Further, brands can build exciting, interactive interfaces without worrying about the core product or service offering.