Concord Commerce: Bringing MACH Architecture to Small scale eCommerce Platforms

Nearly 125 million hours of content is streamed on Netflix every day. Yet it only reports 0.07 % technical problems per hour of content streaming according to the J.D. Power US Survey. On the other hand, its counterparts like Amazon, Hulu and Disney face higher technical issues at 0.17% per hour of content streaming. This is why Netflix has consistently remained on top of its game in delivering trouble-free streaming services. But how does the global streaming platform seamlessly deliver content with efficiency and zero error rates? The answer lies in the adoption of Microservices, API, Cloud-native and headless (MACH) architecture. 

Back in 2008, a small glitch in Netflix led to massive data corruption and caused downtime for several days. That’s when it decided to migrate its application from monolith architecture to AWS (Amazon Web Service). The streaming powerhouse became one of the early adopters of MACH architecture. The transition progressed in two steps. First, they migrated movie encoding and non-customer-facing applications. Next, they separated customer-facing components such as movie catalogs, device selection, account sign-ups and configuration. It took two years for Netflix to break their monolith system into microservices. In 2011, it completely redesigned and organized its entire structure into MACH architecture. 

Today, Netflix enables 500+ microservices and API gateways that handle 2 billion API edge requests regularly. Powered by high-performing MACH technologies, the streaming giant has successfully bolstered digital transformation and enabled technological scalability. Other behemoths like Uber, Spotify, Amazon and Etsy have globally transformed their business with MACH architecture.

How MACH architecture is transforming digital commerce

MACH Architecture: A Great Asset for Small-scale eCommerce Platforms

Digital Technology is pivotal in driving the growth of eCommerce platforms. Small-scale businesses capitalize on digital trends and tools for maximizing revenue and customer satisfaction. But they are still lagging behind their competitors. This is because many enterprises are slowly coming to terms with the shortcomings of their monolith systems. The redundancy of monolithic applications fails to integrate new technologies and support ever-changing consumer needs. Companies have also begun to realize that digital fluency plays a vital role in amplifying their success. 

MACH architecture enables your eCommerce platform to deliver multi-faceted, feature-rich user experiences and leapfrog the competition. Let’s find out how. 

Modern Customer Experience

1. Enhance your Customer Journey Across Different Marketing Touchpoints

As more retailers are shifting towards the digital, customer experience serves as a strong differentiator to gain a competitive edge. According to a report by World’s Simplest Brands, 55% of customers pay more to businesses with good customer services. Brands that offer unique, personalized and hassle-free shopping experiences reap great returns on their investments. For instance, Kroger, the famous American retail store, revamped its online customer services that improved their eCommerce sales by a whopping 60%. 

MACH architecture helps in creating new and modern customer experiences that can extend across various marketing channels and touchpoints. You are empowered with the flexibility of choosing any language, SaaS, open-source platform and DXP (Digital Experience Platform). Such features help to curate effective customer journey maps that align with their expectations and purchasing behaviors.


2.Cut Down on Operational Risks

If there is one thing that can hamper your operational efficiency, its vendor lock-in. Businesses tend to lose control over their data, uptime, security and infrastructure management. What’s worse, vendor-lock-in may fail to meet the service level agreements and cause severe data breaches. Such detriments can eventually drive your business to the ground. For instance, Volusion, a famous eCommerce platform, filed a suit for bankruptcy after it suffered major security breaches. Despite facilitating compliance investigations and damage control measures, many customers were forced to migrate towards other eCommerce platforms. 

When you choose MACH architecture, your businesses can account for potential operational risks by: 

  • Reducing the future possibilities of vendor lock-ins in terms of features and cost. 
  • Maintaining business continuity with global back-ups and alternative sites for important services.  
  • Diminishing the effects of security breaches as it decouples the APIs from unsecured services. 

3. Improve Time-to-market for New Digital Innovation

Customers are always on the lookout for new and innovative products and services. Businesses have to keep up with their changing demands and also track the latest marketing trends. They need to quickly introduce new digital business models to win over their customers. In monolithic systems, deploying new technologies or products becomes challenging due to an increasing load and conflicting resource requirements. 

MACH architecture allows you to deploy, integrate and add new capabilities without scaling down or relaunching the system. You can also deploy new services as per changing requirements of the system. Such a setup lets your business bring in new shopping experiences to your consumers.  

Here’s an example. ASICS, a leading sports company, wanted to launch companion apps for marathon runners and sprinters to increase brand awareness. They partnered with a headless eCommerce platform to optimize and automate their content for all their markets. This enabled the development team to launch their apps 3x faster by leveraging the same architecture patterns and content modules. 

4. Offer Exclusive Shopping Experiences

28% of consumers prefer cross-channel shopping according to a survey conducted by PYMNTS. This means that people do not just shop from one platform. They are switching between social commerce, smartphones, chatbots and buy-online-pay-in-stores (BIOPIS). This is why businesses should include different touchpoints like in-car commerce, voice payments, conversational commerce and voice assistants. This is because each interface serves as a potential online storefront that can deliver enriching customer experiences.  

MACH architecture can help you integrate emerging technologies with existing systems and offer embedded shopping experiences. It helps you achieve faster time-to-market for different marketing touchpoints. MACH also helps you standardize data and content to ensure consistency in eCommerce customer experiences.

Build a Scalable Infrastructure

Did you know that according to Gremlin, a San Francisco-based software company, one minute of system downtime can cause a loss of millions for businesses? Downtime is very common during festive seasons or sale days as these systems experience a high volume of online customer activity.  

Usually, companies commission extra on-premises hardware to contain this huge spike. Some of them scale their business through a public cloud but it ultimately drains out a huge portion of their revenue.    

The cloud-native capability in the MACH is known for offering unmatched business agility for companies. This means you can scale your business on private, public, on-premises and hybrid cloud environments. By offering resilience to different deployment services, brands can leverage faster auto-scaling and geo-redundancy for improved performance and business continuity. They can even keep sensitive information and archival data in secured storage systems.  

Map your Seamless eCommerce Journey with Concord Commerce

online shopping experiences

In less than ten years, the tide of digital innovation has swept over the entire eCommerce industry. This is followed by consumers’ growing inclination towards personalized and novel online shopping experiences. The proliferation of technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), smart vending machines and smart mirrors have opened doors to new marketing opportunities for businesses. To keep up with this rapid change, marketers need to adopt a well-built MACH architecture to accelerate digital transformation. Benefit from Concord Commerce, a high-end digital commerce platform that provides future-ready MACH technologies to scale your business with agility and offers digital-first consumer experiences across multiple touchpoints.  

Get started with Concord Commerce today to transform your eCommerce experience! 

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