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Add/Edit Channel


What is a Channel?

  • Channel is a path through which products flow from producers to consumers. The primary purpose of a channel is to make goods and services available to consumers most efficiently and effectively possible.

Where to assign the channel to site?

  • Under Settings, go to channels and click on add channel. There we can assign channel to site.

Add Channel

  • Click on channels under Settings component in left side panel.

  • Click on Add Channels button.

  • After click on Add Channels button following page display with Details & Address Sections.

  • Enter details in details & address sections and click on Save button.

  • After click on save button added Channel reflected in Channels list page.

Edit Channel

  • Click on Edit Icon under actions of the channel to edit the details of the Channel.

  • After edit the details, click on save button to save the edited details.

  • After click on save button edited Channel details reflected in Channels list page.


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