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Tax category


What is a Tax Category?

  • A Tax Category allows applying one or more Tax Rules to transactions based on various criteria. A tax category must be defined by departure country.

When Tax Category Applicable?

  • Based on the State we selected, tax category applicable.

Add Tax Category

  • Click on Settings module in left side panel.

  • Click on Tax Category sub module.

  • Tax Category List page displayed.

  • Click on Add Tax Category link from Tax Category List page.

  • Add Tax Category page opens with General section, Tax Details section, Cancel button & Save button.

  • Enter Name & Description under General section.

  • Click on Add Rate button in Tax details section.

  • Enter details like Tax Description, Percentage, Include in Price check box, State & select Country from drop down.

  • If we want more rate details click on add rate button and enter details.

  • If we want to delete the entered rate details click on delete icon.

  • Click on save button to save the details.

  • After click on save button, entered details are displayed in tax category list page.

Edit Tax Category

  • Click on edit icon under actions to edit saved details.

  • Edit Tax Category page displayed with saved details.

  • Edit required details and click on save button to save edited details.

Delete Tax Category

  • To delete not required tax category, click on delete icon under actions.

  • After click on delete icon, tax category deleted and also removed from list page.

Search Tax Category

  • For searching required tax category Click on Search icon, search bar appears with search by name as place holder.

  • Enter tax category name and click on search icon.

  • After click on search icon, respective tax categories are displayed based on search name.


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