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Create Gift Vouchers


  • What is GiftCards?                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Gift cards contain a gift code assigned by the Concord store using which you can redeem the card’s value. If it is an online-only gift card, then the code can be added on the checkout page alternatively, the amount can be added to the store wallet while making the payment.
  • Click on GiftCards in Promotions , below screen will display with Export button & Add GiftCard button                                                                                 
  • Click on Export button a xl file will downloaded with all created giftcards
  • Click on Add Gift Cards button below page will display with generated unique Giftcard code ( its not editable )                                                                     
  • Enter the amount of Gift Card in Gift Card Value field
  • Select the Set Expiration date & give the expiry date
  • Assign customer & can add notes
  • Click on Save a GiftCard will be created
  • Enter the gift card code in checkout page in Giftcard field and click on Apply Gift Card, if it is valid code giftcard will apply in checkout page with success toast message “Gift Card applied Successfully ”                                                                                                                                                               
  •         Observe the GiftCard amount above Order Total

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