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Order information


  • Order information is display the details of created order

Create Order

  • Click on Orders under Orders Module in Left side panel.

  • Click on Orders, orders list page will display like below

  • Click on Add Orders link.

  • After click on Add Orders, following page displayed with Customers, Products, Promotions sections.

  • Click on Select customer button to select customers.

  • After click on select customer, customers list displayed. Select required customer and click on save button.

  • After customer selected, Customer name displayed with their address and Select Customer button changed to Update Customer.

  • Click on Add Products button to select products.

  • After click on add products, products list displayed. Select the required products and click on save button.

  • After products selected, selected products list shown under products section.

  • If we want to Increase or Decrease the products count, click on + or – symbols and click on update link appear below the QTY after the Increase or Decrease

  • After click on update link products count are updated with increase or decrease in total price.

  • Click on Add Coupon button to add coupon.

  • After click on Add Coupon button, Coupons list page displayed. Select coupon and click on Save button.

  • After coupon selected, added coupon shown under Coupons section with delete icon. Add Coupon button changed to Update coupon.

  • Click on Review button.

  • After click on Review, order review page displayed with save, back buttons.

  • Click on Save button.

  • After click on save button, order saved successfully and displayed in Orders list page.

Edit Order

  • Click on edit icon in Actions column , then we will navigate to Order details page.

  • After click on edit icon, there we can see the all information about the Order.


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