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Create/Edit Communication workflow


What is a Communication?

  • Communication is a process that involves sending and receiving messages through the verbal and non-verbal methods. Communication is a two-way means of communicating information in the form of thoughts, opinions, and ideas between two or more individuals with the purpose of building an understanding.

Create Communication Workflow

  • Click on Workflow submodule under Administration module in left side panel.

  • Click on Add Workflow link.

  • After click on add workflow link, add workflow page displayed with Workflow drop down.

  • Select communication from workflow drop down. After selecting communication, Type drop down field appears.

  • Select Email/SMS from type drop down field. After selecting Email/SMS, Module drop down field appears.

  • After selecting data from module drop down data, Action drop down appears.

  • After selecting data from action drop down, Sub Action/ Template drop down field appears based on selected module data.

  • Template drop down data appears based on Type drop down data.

  • After selecting all data from all drop downs and click on save button.

  • After click on save button, communication workflow created successfully & displayed under All tab along with respective Type & Module tabs.

Edit Communication Workflow

  • For edit details of created workflow, click on Edit Icon under actions.

  • After click on edit icon, edit workflow page displayed.

  • Edit details and click on Save button, to save edited details.


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