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Fixed Discount promotion


What is Fixed Discount promotion?

  • Fixed  Discount promotions provide an alternative to offering a currency or percentage discount through a promotion.
  • When we click on Promotions in Promotions module below screen will display with Export & Add Promotions links.

Add Promotions

  • When we click on Add Promotions link a popup will display with Promotion Types
    Select Promotion Type


  • Click on Fixed Discount button. After selecting Fixed Promotion Promotion Type button following page display with Fixed Discount section, Coupons section, Product Section, Customer section will display.
  • Fixed Discount section having Promotion Name field, Promotion Type ( Product/Order ), Discount Value field, Priority field, Enable check box, Start Date & End Date fields. We can add products and Categories in Products & Categories section. We can add coupons & Customers.
  • Enter the discount amount in Discount value field & fill all mandatory fields
  • Entered discount value will effect for the product/categories which we are going to add in  products/Categories section
  • Add coupon value if we already created coupon
  • Add customer in customer section given discount value will effect for only that particular customer.


  •   We can add products Manually/Automated by selecting radio buttons in Products & Categories section                                                                           
  • We can add Categories also by selecting Categories tab                                                                                                                                                       
  • After giving all details click on save Fixed Discount will create and navigate to Promotions list page


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