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User Defined Reports


What is a Report?

  • Report shows you information about your sales and how customers make purchases.
  • Click on User defined reports under Reports component in left side panel.

  • After click on User defined reports, reports page displayed.

  • Click on New Reports link.

  • After click on new reports link the following page displayed with Modules on left side and select fields to export drop down.

  • Select Modules and respective fields from drop down then click on Generate Report.

  • After click on generate report, report based on selected fields & module Report Results page displayed.

  • To save the report click on Save button.

  • After click on save link, Save report pop-up displayed with Report Name, Report Description, Report Access drop down, Save & Cancel button.

  • Gave all details like report name, report description & select Private or public from report access drop down and clicks on save.

  • After click on Save button, saved report displayed in list page.

  • To export the reports click on Export results link.

  • If we don’t want to save or export the results click on Cancel link.


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