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What is meant by Export?

  • Export is the process used to export the required modules data in a single sheet.


  • Click on Export under Administration module from left side panel.

  • Click on Export sub module.

  • Click on New Export link in exports list page.

  • Select required modules like Products, Orders, Categories, Catalog, Sites, Customers, Promotion, Shipping or Product Type under menu. For example if we want Products module, select Products module from menu.

  • After selecting the required module from menu, attributes of respective module are shown under Select fields to export drop down.

  • Select the required attributes from drop down. For example click on Select All or any required attributes from drop down. f we select All, All attributes will be selected.

  • After selecting attributes click on Export to CSV button.

  • After click on Export to CSV button, CSV type file downloaded with selected attributes and shown in Export list page.

  • Similarly for other modules also we can follow the above steps for export.


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