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Set up your Payment Gateway


What is a Payment Gateway?

  • Payment gateway is a network through which customers transfer funds to vendor.

Set up Payment Gateway

  • Click on Payment Providers sub module under Store Information module in left side panel.

  • Click on Payment provider, Payment Providers List Page displayed.

  • Click on Add Payment Providers link.

  • After click on add payment providers link, Add Payment Provider page displayed with Details & API Details sections.

  • Payment Gateway Names: Razor Pay, Stripe and cash free are already integrated as shown below.

  • Select Payment Gateway Name & Site from drop downs in details sections.

  • After select payment gateway name from drop down, API Keys appears. Enter values for appear keys. If you want more API keys click on Add API Keys button.

  • After enter details click on Save button.

  • Payment Gateway created and displayed under Payment Providers List Page.


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