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Add/Edit Footer


Footer element is to display static content in Footer.

  • Click on Footer under Components in CMS module.

  • Following page displayed with Footer Colors and Footer Elements.

  • Select Background Color & Text Color in Footer colors section & click on Update icon to save the selected colors.

  • Click on Add Footer Elements to add footer elements.

  • Add Footer Element page displayed.

  • Enter details and select Static page link or External link from Content Type drop down and give link in appear field as per content link and click on Save button.

  • Redirected to Footer page with added footer elements.

  •  Publish created Footer elements they will reflect in Footer of the storefront.

Edit Footer Element

  • Click on edit icon to edit footer element details.

  • Edit footer element page displayed. Edit required details, click on save button & publish the footer element to reflect the edited changes in Storefront.


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