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Customer Group


What is a Customer Group?

  • Customer groups allows websites to organize customers, give them discounts, and restrict access to specific products or categories.

Where to assign the customer group to site?

  • After creating customer group, click on Customers List under Customers.There we can see add customers button in list page. Click on add customers there we can see customer group drop down field under details section. There we can assign customer group to site by select customer group from drop down.

Add Customer Groups

  • Click on Customer Groups under Customers component in left side panel.

  • Click on Add Customer Group button.

  • After click on add customer button following page displayed with Name & Description fields.

  • Enter data into Name, Description fields & click on save button.

  • After click on save button customer group displayed in customer group list page.

Edit Customer Group

  • Click on edit icon to edit customer group.

  • After click on edit icon Edit Customer Group page displayed.

Delete Customer Group

  • Click on delete icon to delete customer group.

  • After click on delete icon customer group deleted from customer groups list.

Export Customer Groups

  • Click on Export customer group button to download the .CSV file.

Search Customer Groups

  • Click on Search bar and type name of the customer group and click search symbol. Its shows respective customer group based on search name.


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