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Set up Pages – Static Pages


What is a Static Page?

  • The static web pages generally do not use databases. They do not require data redecoration very often.
  • Under Pages sub module in CMS module. There We can find Static sub module. There we can assign to site by giving URL of the pages.

Add Static Page

  • Click on Static under Pages sub module under CMS module in left side panel..

  •          Click on Add Static Page button , we can see fallowing page with Title,

  •     After entering the details click on save it will navigate to static page list page with Unpublish state

  •   Click on edit icon, change status to publish. It will display in storefront footer.

Edit Static Page

  • Click on edit icon under actions on created static page.

  • Edit Static page displayed.

  • Edit required details and click on Save button.

  • Click on edit icon change status to publish. Then changes reflected in storefront footer.



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