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Create/Edit Banners


Banners are visually appealing, energy-packed graphic elements of the website that stand out from the rest of the site or the app. Their goal is to drive engagement and conversions of the users, without ruining the UX at the same time.


  •    Click on Banners in CMS, we can see the banner list page with Add Banner button like below

  • Click on Add Banner button we can cee the Add Banner popup will display the Title, Navigation Url, Add Image button & Show title checkbox

  •     When enter Title, Navigation Url then Add image button will enabled.

  •     . Click on Add Image button we can see the popup, from there you can add the banner. When we uploaded the banner file SUBMIT button will be enabled with preview of banner

  •   Click on Submit it will navigate editorial area of banner with UNPUBLISH state, if changed to PUBLISH , it will display in storefront.

  • We need to add banner in Pages–>Dynamic–>Homepage, Click on link as shown below.

  • Add banner like below.

  • Click on Save & select Publish. Added banner will display in storefront


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