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Free Delivery


What is Free Delivery promotion?

Free Delivery promotion is a sales strategy used by eCommerce businesses to encourage online shoppers to purchase without having to worry about the shipping cost. Immediately attract customers’ attention.

Add Promotions

  • When we click on Add Promotions link a popup will display with Promotion Types
    Select Promotion Type

  • Then user can select Free Delivery from the popup, user navigates to Add promotions page
  • Following page display with Free Delivery section, Coupons section, Product Section, Customer section will display.
  • Free Delivery having Promotion Name field, Promotion Type ( Product/Order ), Priority field, Enable check box, Start Date & End Date fields. We can add products and Categories in Products & Categories section. We can add coupons & Customers.
  • Add the products/categories in Products section for those will get delivery for free
  • If user added that free delivery promotion product to cart, that product will delivery for free of cost, they will not charge delivery cost.
  • Add customer in customer section, Free delivery  will effect for only that particular customer.

  • After giving all details click on save,  Free Delivery will create and navigate to Promotions list page
  • We can see the Free delivery promo will effect in storefront


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