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Add/Edit Product Type


What is a Product Type?

  • A Product Type is the collection of attributes which act as a template for products of the same type or kind.

Where to assign a Product Type to site?

  • After creating product type, navigate to manage products from left side menu. There we can see Add Product button.
  • Click on Add product.
  • There we can find the Product Family section with Product Type field/dropdown, we can see the created product type there and we can assign product type to site.
  • Then Click on Save.

Add Product Type

  • Click on Product Types under Products component in left side panel.

  • Click on Add Product Type button.

  • After click on Add Product Type button following page display with Name & Description fields.

  • Enter the details & click on save button.

  • After click on save button Add Product Type page title changes to Edit Product Type & Attributes section displayed with Add Attribute button in Edit Product Type page.

  • To go to Product Type List Page click on Cancel button or back arrow.

  • Added Product Type reflected in Product Type list page and count increased.

Edit Product Type

  • Click on Edit icon under Actions to add attributes.

  • After click on edit icon following page Edit Product Type page displayed.

Add Attribute

  • Click on Add Attribute button to add attributes for respected product type.

  • After click on Add Attribute button, Add Attribute Page displayed.

  • Enter details like Identifier, Name, Description, Attribute Group, Include In Search with Check Box, Show as facet with Check Box, Required with Check Box, Locale with Check Box & Attribute Type Drop down with Yes/No, Text, Number, Money, Date/Time, List(enum). Click on save button.

  • After click on save button, add attribute page closed and added attribute displayed under Attribute Section with Edit & Delete Icons.

Edit Attribute

  • If we want to edit Attribute click on edit icon under Actions.

  • After click on edit icon, Edit Attribute page opens to edit Attribute details.

  • After edit details click on save button.

  • Edited attribute data saved and displayed under attribute section.

  • Click on save button for saving Edited details.


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